WIWW no. 2

Sorry for the short post, but here’s my outfit today. My mom and I went to Forever 21 on our shopping excursion the other day, and can I just say I looove the top I got. I know, it’s simple, but polka dots are my thing…just like lbd was Coco Chanel’s. I was so sad though when we stopped inForever 21 because I thought there would never come the day they would raise their prices. Before you could get their necklaces for only $12, now they are like $25! It’s not that I’m cheap or not willing to spend the extra ten bucks, but now that the prices have gone up, it makes me feel a little ripped off. So much for going out of my way to buy jewellery there when I can stop at the bay and get equally cute bling for the same price. #firstworldproblems.


 Hope y’all have a lovely day!






    • Maddi says:

      thanks! Even when it’s not spring I love wearing bright colours :) Hahaha it’s nice to know I am not the only one out there who believes in abstinence!

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