Best Core Workout: Ab Ripper X

Over the course of writing my past entries, I’ve mentioned a couple times how I like to wake up to  working out, in particular Ab Ripper X by P90X. What I love about this workout is it is effective, intense, can be easily modified and takes as little as 15 minutes out of your day. It’s great not having to get up an hour earlier than usual and still getting a just as intense workout in. When I first started I admit I hated it. I wasn’t be able to do half the movements without taking breaks or modifying. Three months later and I can now do all the exercises with no breaks and a few extra reps than what the video tells you to do. What I find about Ab Ripper X is that it goes beyond your typical situp – type ab workouts and targets different core muscles, including the legs, gluts and chest through the various exercises to get toned.  Here are my top three favs of the seven movements of Ab Ripper, each of which consist of 25 reps with the exception of the mason twist, done in 50 reps.


Equipment needed: Yoga mat & a water bottle

1) Crunchy Frog:  Sitting down, lift up your legs so you are balancing on your tail bone. For each rep you push your legs out forward and back into chest, wrapping your arms around your legs when they come into the chest. Make sure your chest is up and your back is in a straight line when doing the movement.


2) Fifer Scissors: I still have some difficulties with maintaining the perfect technique when doing this exercise. Lying on your back, you scissor you legs back a forth keeping your bottom leg about half a foot above the ground and holding each scissor for about 2 seconds. Be sure you keep your legs as straight as possible.

3)  V-up/ Roll-up combo: In this exercise you switch between normal straight leg sit-ups and V ups. Each sit-up/ V-up counts for one rep. When going into your V – Up raise both your upper and lower body until you form a V (duh :)). Make sure to keep yourself as straight as possible, your chest up and to not put your arms behind your head.




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