Today’s A New Day

Last Sunday I made an entry about comparisons. I know this is really hypocritical of me but  I have been dealing with my fair share of struggles over this past week, going back to my old ways and having this sacrilegious desire for a super toned body. It is so much easier to talk about things like “don’t compare yourself” when you are on the other side of the spectrum. I read a statistic that only 4% of women have the genetic capability to have that victoria’s secret stick thin body type. Realizing that essentially every girl struggles with self-acceptance and love for themselves is a huge encouragement that I am not alone in this. Even those who seem like the most vain can be hiding underneath to be the most insecure of all.

During this past difficult week for me, I have been asked countless time, ” why are you doing this to yourself Maddi? ” “Why do you want a super toned stomach and stick thin legs?” In all honesty, I have got no idea why I wanted it so badly. Sure it would be nice, but what good does it do at the end of the day. Sure, you want to be attractive. But even then, who wants a guy that only likes you because of your appearance. Referring to what I had said in my entry about comparisons  your parents aren’t going to love you any less , nor should your friends. Like I said about boys, it goes the same for friends; if they did like you lesser as a friend without it, then evidently they aren’t worth your time and energy.We all have off days, feeling fat, useless, friendless, weak, but  remember tomorrow is always a new day to progress.

<3 XOXO Maddi

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