Surviving The Comparison Trap

Good Morning! Today I woke up to an empty house, completely forgetting it was Sunday. My parents already left to church…whooopsies :) I went downstairs to get some fuel into me, where my dad left me a note on the counter saying there was a link I needed to watch. Andy Stanley before is a well-known pastor from Atlanta.  My parents are huge fans of his messages. Despite the fact Stanley points his sermons more so to adults, I was surprised by how much I could relate to what he discusses. 

Let’s talk about a little something called comparison. Consider the following situation: You have been so excited to get your mark’s back from last weeks test. You don’t do too bad, 80% right on the dot. You look over beside you friend and notice she only got a 60%. You give her your sympathy and wish her better luck next time, but you know inside that sigh of relief that you did better than she. Sound familiar?

Though I think I do well at hiding it, I compare myself to others waay too much! I have difficulties with not viewing life as a competition. Sure it’s healthy to been driven by it a little, but when obsessed over – I have learned how much it can ruin relationships and self – esteem. I realize that I am still at the point in life where I am figuring out who I am, but for the future’s sake, wouldn’t it be best to start practising healthy habits now.

The underlying point of Stanley’s message is the fact there is no win in comparison. All you are doing is chasing the wind. Because the drive for comparison is essentially for nothing, you won’t ever be satisfied.

We are all just human and destined to eventually screw up, but we deserve a lot better than getting the short end of the straw; not to mention others deserve a lot better. Rather than looking at the next person, look at yourself. Reflect on how long of a way you have come. The glass is half full. Being prettier, smarter, thinner doesn’t define who you are. Some of us were made to be apples and some of us were made to be oranges, that’s just the way it is. Be happy with what you have and proud for others accomplishments too. I know it’s hard, but trust me on this will make life a whole lot easier



Click here if you want you listen to the sermon.

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