Studying Hard? Or Hardly Studying?

Hey Readers!

These past months have been so crazy with school. It is my first semester being in uni – on the West Coast – and am so happy I am almost done and still alive…only one more biology exam to write on Friday and I will be flying back to chilly Alberta! In spite of the hefty workload, gross showers, and redundant cafeteria food, I have very much enjoyed being a college student. For one, going to a Christian university has allowed me to grow a significant amount with Christ. One particular thing I learned this semester was to seek my rest in him, amongst the commotion of term papers, mid-terms, and final exams as of right now. Not only have I matured spiritually during me time here, but I have met some wonderful friends. I have been very blessed to live with the girls in my dorm and they radiate love and enthusiasm from the inside out. University has also given me an entire new perspective and appreciation to learn. Even though classes do require lots of effort; the content is quite interesting.

So what brought me to write this post was the fact that I finally had some free time to do something fun and take plenty of photos. Today my roommate, a friend, and I went out for a lovely lunch and visited her uncle’s candy store. Thank goodness I was already full from lunch, or else I would have probably would have bought a kilo of chocolate to go straight to my hips.


Blog Candy Collage

Later this afternoon, some other dorm mates and I were bored out of our gourds, so we figured we would do something fun and take pictures by the river front. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect today: A bit odd that it was +16 and the sun slightly shining in December, but it was undoubtedly wonderful to not have the normal raininess.

Oh right…and this morning I also went to the gym. One of my teachers from a fitness class I took this semester is helping me out with my bar squat and teaching me how to do a proper clean and press – so I practiced on those today and am pretty sure this is going to be me tomorrow…


…but anywho, here’s the playlist that I listened to today. As you may have noticed I have a new obsession for the Foxes. LOVE HER!!

Have a wonderful week!

God Bless,


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