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I apologize it has been so long since my last post. As I mentioned in my past posts, I have spent my past two and a half months in Europe and…well…it’s been CRAZY! Just a note that I am keeping my points short, sweet and general. I could easily write essays about my adventures, but let’s not get too carried away now ;) Ahh where to begin…

April 1 – 3 STOCKHOLM

My Parents and I set out to Stockholm on where we spent 2 days – Beautiful but sooooo expensive. One afternoon we stopped for a drink and it was $50 for 3 beers and a small bowl of nuts! We toured around the city by foot and went to the Vasa museum –  the biggest shipwreck in the world. It was very cool to see how they preserved the ship.


April 4 – May 30 HOLSBY

On April 4, my parents and I said our goodbyes as they dropped me off at Holsby – a Torchbearers Bible school in the southern countryside of Sweden – where I was going to spend my next two months. Going to Bible school was not at all what I thought it would be, which was a place where everybody is humbug preachers kids and sing kumbaya. And though it was to a certain degree, it had probably been the most beautiful, restorative period I have ever had in my life.  


May 30 – Present  COPENHAGEN, BERLIN, PRAGUE, and soon…..AMSTERDAM

On May 28, my parents sent Mark to come and pick me up from Holsby. On May 30th we set out for our ventures around the rest of Europe.

Copenhagen was also a very beautiful (and clean) city, but found it was also very expensive like Sweden – If you plan on travelling to Scandinavia anytime soon, be sure to expect $30 ahead at least on meals, and $1o Starbucks drinks. 

Berlin was so neat to see in how rich in history it is. Checkpoint Charlie, The Typography of Terror, The DDR, and the Pergamon are only few among the many places we visited. Not to mention the Schnitzel was amazing :)

Now we are in Prague and enjoying its gorgeous Architecture and Food. This time of year is crazy for Tourists though. We tried buying tickets for the Palace yesterday and I swear the line was longer than the Great Wall of China. Nonetheless, the weather is so warm and sunny.

This Afternoon we are heading to Amsterdam to enjoy some Heineken beer and Dutch cheese.

If you would like more inquiry about my ventures or recommendations, feel free to shoot me an email at or post a comment below :)

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