Chocolate Pistachio Protein Granola Clusters

Good Day Readers!

It’s finally Saturday in about an hour or so my parents and I will be heading out to our friends’ cabin…exciting right? Well, it’s not just any cabin you see…they have a pizza oven! You heard me. You know those big domes of blazing fire you see at Famoso? Yessiree. These friends of my family’s are your classic Italian Mama and Papa, not to mention they are extraordinary cooks and wine makers. So today I will be spending  my wonderful afternoon and evening tossing pizzas and sipping fine wine with Nonna and Nonno- sounds pretty fabulous to me. 

I recently checked my recipage also, and noticed how low in recipes I am on snackage. Here is one super simple to make, and  that you can stick in a baggy for a snack at work, class, or wherever else your pink, 2-seater, 500 horsepower Lamborghini may take you.

…I wish I had a Lamborghini :(

Chocolate Pistachio Protein Granola Clusters


Serves: 36 Clusters          Difficulty: Pretty Easy          Time: 30 min

What you will need…

3 cups Rolled Oats

1/4 cup melted Earth Balance or Coconut oil

1/4 cup Brown sugar

1 cup chopped Pistachios

2 Tbsp Cocoa powder

1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract

1 Egg white

3 Tbsp Honey or Agave

1/2 scoops Chocolate protein powder

Optional but highly recommended: 1/4 cup dried cherries


What to do…

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Mix together oats, nuts, cocoa and protein powder in a large bowl.

In a smaller bowl, whisk egg white until fluffy. Whisk in honey, brown sugar, vanilla, and coconut oil.

Incorporate wet mixture into dry and make sure all of the dry mixture is evenly coated.

Fold in dried cherries if desired

mold cluster in a nonstick mini muffin tin and bake for about 20 min

Let them cool for an additional 10-15 min before consuming!

Enjoy and have a lovely day!




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