As American as Apple pie

Actually I’m not American, but Canadians can love apple pie too :) 

Any who This morning I got up and made myself delicious steel cut oats with my homemade cashew-almond butter.It was absolutely delightful. My parents and I have been eating that nut butter like no tomorrow. I love it on apples!!

As far as exercise goes today, I did my Ab Ripper, I was supposed to do it yesterday morning but instead I helped Dad shovel the dump of snow that had magically appeared overnight. This afternoon I did P90x’s kenpo tape. It is such a great workout, your so busy concentrated on doing the moves, you forget you are burning a ton of calories. I will admit pretending to be the next Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee is quite fun haha.


Strawberries and Cream Protein Shake


1 Scoop of Whey Protein powder

4 Strawberries

1 tbsp Avocado

1/2 banana 

1/3 cup 0% plain greek yogurt

1 cup Almond milk

1 Tbsp Cashews

Stevia to taste



Add all ingredients in blender, except for ice, and blend until everything is well mixed. Add and blend in ice to desired thickness.

Bon Appetit!

Calories: 290; Fat: 10 grams (Saturated: 1 grams, No trans) Cholesterol: 33 mg; Sodium: 215 mg; Potassium; 560 mg; Carbohydrates: 30 grams; Fibre: 7 grams; Sugars: 14 grams; Proteins: 21 grams; Excellent source of Vitamins B,C,D,E, Calcium, Phosphorous and Riboflavin

You are probably wondering why I called this post As American as Apple Pie. What If I told you I have a recipe that I think tastes just as good as apple pie, but has a fraction of the fat? My mom has been making apple blossoms for about 4 years now, I have no clue what gave her the inspiration to make something so deliciously wonderful. So sweet, scrumptious, flakey and light. I could eat these like a madman all day long. Despite the fact my mother’s recipe calls for melted butter, it is still much healthier than what you would buy at the store. Butter to me is still a nono, so I even made a healthier version of my mother’s and it still tastes as rich and flakey. 


 Apple Blossoms 


3 apples sliced, then cut in half (any kind will work. I like to use gala :) you  can also peel them ) 

1/3 cup organic cane sugar 

1/4 cup liquid honey or agve

2 tbsp ground cinnamon

4 sheets of phyllo dough

1 1/2 tbsp trans fat free margarine melted, vegetable oil or a combination of the two


Preheat oven to 325 degrees

Toss cut up apples in sugar, cinnamon and honey. Set aside

Cut phyllo into squares, about 2 1/2″. In a greased 12 cup muffin tin layer phyllo pastry, painting a layer of melted margarine or oil between each sheet. You should have about 5 layers of dough in each cup.

Paint oil on top of the very last layer and evenly distribute cinnamon apple mixture into each cup

Bake in oven for half an hour or until phyllo dough looks golden brown. 

Let Blossoms cool before taking them out of the muffin tin.

Now it’s time to chow down!! Makes 12 servings

Calories: 102; Fat: 2.2 grams (Saturated: 0.3 grams, no trans); Sodium: 30 mg; Potassium: 60 mg; Carbohydrates: 22 grams; Fibre: 2 grams: Sugars: 15 grams; Proteins: 1 gram

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